Reimbursement Assessment

Free Survey to assess likelihood of increasing revenues through payer contract negotiations:

1) How large is your practice or ASC?

1-5 Doctors
6-10 Doctors
11-20 Doctors
More than 20

2) What is your average percent of local medicare RBRVS reimbursement on the payer contract(s) that you would like to renegotiate?

50%-80% of Medicare
81% -100% of Medicare
101% - 120% of Medicare
121% - 140% of Medicare
141% - 160% of Medicare
>160% of Medicare

3) What is your estimated revenue per year on the payer agreement(s) you would like to increase?

$101K - $200K
$201K - $500K
$501K - $1M

4) Do you have unique competitive advantage such as unique services, you are the only provider in a 25 mile radius in your specialty, you service critical employers in your area etc.?


5) Your Name

6) Your Job Title

7) Your Practice or ASC Name and Specialty / Specialties

8) Your e-mail address

9) Your State

10) Your phone number